Irwin Levy Organizes Art Exhibit – SOLAR Presents “Mood Swings”

Great Neck resident Irwin Levy presents “Mood Swings,” a collector’s choice group art exhibition, at SOLAR Gallery in East Hampton. The show runs from June 13 through Aug. 3, with visiting hours by appointment.

An exhibition of works in a number of mediums, including paintings, photographs, prints and mixed media sculptures by 17 artists, “Mood Swings” is the first Collector’s Choice show organized at Solar. Selected by Irwin Levy, the works in the exhibition are drawn from this collector’s experience and knowledge of works by artists from Solar’s own holdings as well as those he has come into contact with mainly in the Hamptons art scene through the years.

Mood SwingsMr. Levy selected some of his favorite artists from past shows at Solar, including in his proposal works by Eduardo Barcenas, Astolfo Funes, Deborah Riley, Lillie Talmor, Aurelio Torres, and Alejandra Villasmil. Drawing from his experiences and encounters with artists on Long Island and on the East End in particular, Mr. Levy chose Mary Ellen Bartley, Matt Brophy, Joe Eschenberg, Grant Haffner, Eileen Hickey-Hulme, Bill Kiriazis, Jennifer Meihofer, Cristen Motty, Ted Nemeth, Zoe Pennebalcer, and Stephen Soreff. This is an unprecedented mix of artists and artwork at Solar, a hybrid, cross-cultural, multimedia, multi-message, cross-generational encounter that well-reflects the title theme of the show and resonates also with our current social, political, and economic climate.

Mr. Levy stated: “Mood Swings” reflects our perception of and reaction to all forms of stimuli. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. United we stand, divided we fall. Yes, we can…

From Celebration of Life to Darkness of Spirit and those points between,” Mood Swing visits the place where invisible barriers cease to exist. Because we have a soul, the “Mood Swings” journey ends there.

A longtime Great Neck resident (with his wife and two daughters), as well as a part time resident of the Springs, in East Hampton since the late ’80s, Irwin Levy has been collecting, it would seem, all his life: from local lore and historical items, to agricultural tools and hand-painted commercial signs, to contemporary art. Mr. Levy’s curiosity and excitement are boundless and the exhibition portrays this constant search and desire. “Mood Swings” not only reflects a small, dynamic cross-section of current art, it ultimately is an enlightening representation of the very true spirit of collecting defined by passion, inspiration, and evolution.

For further information and images, contact Esperanza at or 631.907.8422.

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